Implementing Process Improvement Initiatives in the Logistics Arena for Over 10 Years

Based out of Northern NJ, Industrial Engineering Solutions has been assisting companies throughout the Northeast find ways to optimize complex processes and eliminate waste, using technology and traditional Industrial Engineering methods.


Whether new construction or redesigning an existing space, warehouse design is an area IES specializes in. With designs ranging from 5K to 800K Sq Ft, our portfolio includes process study, design & strategy, storage solutions, mezzanine & modular space construction, 5S & signage.


Automation can provide companies a competitive edge to increase throughput and reduce labor expenditure; it also doesn’t have to be expensive. IES’s portfolio of automation companies is vast, and ranges from simple & cost effective pick/put to light system, to more complex and costly automated storage retrieval systems. Our consultants can help build out what is best for your company.


Processes evolve over time, and need to be continuously evaluated for performance. One of our specialties is process study & streamlining. Whether it SOP development, process standardization, technical writing & SOP assessment, we have the experience to deliver on all of those aspects.


Simple analytics to full range business intelligence & data warehousing systems – data analytics are the backbone to all decisions in the Industrial Engineering arena. IES can assist in the build out of analytics ranging from zero based analytics on existing warehouse processes, to developing data repository reporting on production data. Vendor partnerships include Tableau & MicroStrategy, as well as DBA 3rd party support.


Inventory & Warehouse management systems can become overwhelming when determining which to choose & how to implement. With experience ranging from home grown Inventory & warehouse management systems to end to end 3rd party systems, IES can assist your company in from start to finish in implementing Inventory & Warehouse Management systems.


Keeping equipment & facilities humming can become a chore if not conducted properly. IES has experience implementing maintenance management solutions ranging from simple maintenance systems to enterprise asset management tools. With a successful management system surrounding a useful tool, facilities & equipment management can be streamlined and simplified.


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We can’t say enough about industrial engineering solutions. You’ve saved our business!”
– Greg U.

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Industrial Engineering Solutions will assist you in your industrial development projects, in the preliminary study phase up to the commissioning we’ll be there for you. We have a team of professional engineers and experienced consultant who are always on standby to assist you.

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Whether a small Mom & Pop company, a Start-Up venture, or a Fortune 500, no project is too big or too small for our team of engineers. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns

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